Your Consultation

  • Your initial visit to Enhanced Facial Aesthetics begins with a FREE, no obligation consultation, which typically last for around 15-20 minutes.
  • Your consultation will be carried out by our highly experienced Aesthetics Nurse with over 10 years experience.
  • Your consultation will begin by listening to and understanding your concerns and requirements and discussing how best we can meet and exceed your expectations.
  • The various treatment options, together with the benefits and any potential risks of the treatment will be discussed.
  • You will have ample opportunity to ask questions during your consultation, which will be answered honestly and openly.
  • There is no obligation to book the treatment with us after your consultation and you will not be rushed into making a decision.

Can I have a consultation and treatment on the same day?

  • We appreciate that many of our patients have very busy schedules or travel a significant distance to attend our clinics and have often done significant research regarding the treatment prior to their consultation. It is therefore possible to carry out a treatments immediately after the consultation.
  • If you think you may wish to proceed with the treatment after the consultation then please advise our staff at the time of booking your consultation so we can adjust your appointment time accordingly.
  • Please note that if you book an appointment for a consultation and treatment and you want to think about the treatment further after the consultation, then there is absolutely no obligation to proceed with the treatment.

Pre & Post Treatment advice

  • As with all needle based treatments there is always a small possibility of bruising after your treatment. To reduce this risk we advise that you do not take anti-inflammatory pain killers (e.g. Aspirin, Ibruprofen Nurofen, Voltarol) or St Johns Wart or Vitamin E supplements, for at least a week before your treatment, as they all increase your tendency towards bleeding.
  • Alcohol will also increase your tendency towards bleeding therefore we advise you to refrain from alcohol for 24 hours.
  • If required an anaesthetic cream will be applied to the area being treated. At subsequent visits, for your convenience, we can supply you with anaesthetic cream for you to apply at home before you attend for your treatment.
  • Before your treatment you will be provided with a detailed consent form which you will be asked to read and sign.
  • After your treatment apply a cold pack to the treated area It is normal for there to be some redness to the skin and mild bruising can also occur.
  • Mineral make-up can be applied after your treatment so you can resume your normal daily activities immediately.