Have you got a fat double chin that you would like to get rid of it?

A double chin occurs when there is excess volume under the chin and neck area which gathers around the neck sagging down to create a wrinkle that looks as if the individual has a secondary chin, but an ill-defined jawline can also give the appearance of a double chin.

The visual appearance of a double chin can dramatically affect confidence and it often can contribute to making those who have the condition looking older or appearing heavier than they actually are. At Enhanced Facial Aesthetics we offer a non surgical double chin removal treatment which kills the fat as well as tighten the skin under the chin and around the jowls for a more streamlined look quickly and effectively.

The treatment involves a series of injections using specific pharmacology to melt fat cells and break down fat structures.

How does Mesotherapy for a double chin work?
What does the treatment involve?
Does it work for men and women?
Is Mesotherapy painful?
Who should have Mesotherapy?
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