Please take some time to read this quick guide to choosing your aesthetics provider to help you achieve value for money and natural results.

Finding the right provider with suitable qualifications and experience who is able to deliver the best results for you whilst keeping costs reasonable as possible can be difficult and daunting.

The aim of this page is to give you the information you need to…

  • Make it easier for you to make a more informed choice in a confusing marketplace
  • Help you obtain the most cost-effective treatment.
  • Help you choose a provider who is trained to deliver treatment safely and deal with any complications.
  • To help you achieve natural looking results that enhance your appearance.

How you can achieve this?

  • Do your research on the clinic, look on the internet, what does the website look like, what do facebook reviews say?
  • Do your research on the provider, are they medically trained, are they qualified to deliver the treatment?
  • Do they offer a free consultation? is the consultation relaxed and friendly? is there any pressure to book immediately?
  • Can you freely look around the clinic, is it clean and suitable?
  • Ask questions, ask to see insurance certificates, ask to see qualifications and training certificates.
  • Know the risks of a treatment – ie: Dermal fillers can cause permanent blindness and death in just minutes if injected incorrectly.
  • Ask about how they deal with complications if they arise, are they trained to spot them and resolve them?
What is the philosophy of the provider?
Are they motivated to achieving natural looking results or looking for you to spend as much money as possible?
What is the environment like?
Consider if the clinic is suitable for you. does it provide confidentiality, is it clean, relaxing and medically appropriate? 
What are the providers qualifications and expertise?
Consider if you are happy to have a medically trained provider carry out your procedure or are simply someone with no medical knowledge. 
Are potential side effects explained?
Are potential side effects explained fully, does the provider appear to have reasonable information regarding them? 
Does the provider have the skills to deal with complications?
Complications can happen and can be very serious from what appear to be simple procedures – is your provider medically trained to notice the complication, have immediate access to emergency drugs and have the knowledge to resolve the situation. 
Does the clinic offer a wide range of treatments?
Consider if the clinic can offer a wide range of treatments and are they giving you advice on the full range of treatments.
Is the clinic fully informing you?
Consider quality of the consultation, was the information provided clear and does it relate to the treatment you want?
What products are being used?
Consider what products are being used and are they the correct one for the treatment – Consider if you are getting clinically proven product especially for a specific treatment or maybe a cheap or inferior substitute?.
Are the right products being used?
Some products are designed for a specific area but can be used elsewhere but with inferior results – make sure the product is designed for your treatment.
Can you see pictures of results?
Does the clinic post real life pictures of treatments or stock images?
Does the provider have happy clients?
Is there evidence online where you can research the providers clients?
What is the aftercare like?
Does the provider provide any aftercare, do they offer a review appointment and how do they respond if you have a question or issue after treatment?
Is it clear what you have to pay?
Does the provider provide clear honest pricing or do they keep pricing hidden.
Is the pricing fair?
Does the provider provide fair honest pricing or are they offering continual offers to lure you in?
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With so much choice and variable pricing it can be quite confusing so try and stay safe with your choice. We recommend you

  1. Choose a provider who is medically trained
  2. Choose a provider who is qualified to administer the treatments
  3. Choose a provider who has the knowledge and experience to spot complications
  4. Choose a provider who has access to emergency drugs and expertise to resolve complications
  5. Know the full risks of any treatment however insignificant it can seem.