A lifted, radiant complexion

Cheek filler treatment is an effective anti-ageing procedure; designed to accentuate your best features by enhancing the natural shaping and contour of your face.

As we grow older, the skin surrounding your cheeks can droop and sag as a symptom of the natural ageing process, and your favourite facial features can become hidden. Enhanced Facial Aesthetics can rejuvenate your facial structure with Dermal Fillers, by lifting cheeks, adding volume and minimising lines and wrinkles.

Treatment Benefits

  • Treatments are carried out in a clinical environment for your optimum safety
  • We use only clinically proven products from renowned pharmacies
  • Results are instant and the treatment is virtually painless
  • You can return to your everyday activities immediately
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What are cheek Fillers?
How does it work?
What areas can be treated?
What will I look like after treatment?
Are cheek fillers painful?
What results can I expect?
How much filler will I need?
How long does it take to see a result and how long does it last??
What are the possible side effects?
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